Adorable Teether Clippers
Fashionable Necklace Teethers


All our products are based on a heritage of quality and customisation that has earned us the satisfaction from many happy customers. 

Throughout the years, Babyhilarious is proud to provide high quality products that are free from nasty chemicals. All our products are 100% Food Grade Silicone BPA Free, No Phthalates, No Lead and No PVCs. We only use organic untreated wood for our products. 

Babyhilarious latest collections!

I Love Cars Gift Set
I Love the Great Ocean Gift Set E
I Love Driving Gift Set
I Love the Great Ocean Gift Set D
I Love My Buddy Gift Set B
Going for an Ice Cream Gift Set
Delightful Necklace - teethers
Delightful Necklace
From $15.50
Perky Necklace - teethers
Perky Necklace
From $15.50
Joyous Necklace - teethers
Joyous Necklace
From $20.00
Winsome Necklace - teethers
Winsome Necklace
From $15.50

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